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Kayla Amos, a proud resident of Creston College, is a multi-disciplinary artist currently in her third year of studying Fine Arts with Honours at UNSW.


Artwork Details

Kayla Amos

Expand Beyond (2018)

Plexi-glass, two-way acrylic mirror, acrylic glass paint, wood, glue, lighting equipment

165.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 29.5 cm

Artist Statement

Stemming from the notion of expanding from traditional methods of painting, Expand Beyond, breaks from traditional paint on canvas to explore the possibilities of painting in the modern era.

Precisely about painting itself, the work questions what painting can be while holding roots to some of the fundamental elements of painting, namely colour and luminosity, presented though a different lens.

Expand Beyond, specifically focuses on the traditional technique of glazing in which the painter applies a thin layer of colour onto the canvas surface to build an image. This glazing technique creates a luminosity that cannot be achieved by any other means.

Drawing from this technique, Expand Beyondconsists of plexi-glass panels that each have a glazed layer of colour corresponding to the colour wheel and hinting at colour theory, the history of colour and the continued evolution of its use within painting.

Playing with perception and the viewers awareness, I have also incorporated see-through double-sided mirrors within the work. These mirrors play with and interrupt what should be seen and what is seen, varying views from your own reflection to the full transparent layering of colour.

As an installation piece, the colours the viewer perceives changes as they move and interact with the work. The light projecting through the panels extends the colour beyond the physical work itself to incorporate the space. The light also blending the projected colours and again hinting at the use of the colour wheel and processes of painting.

From The Artist

For me, Expand Beyond, has been very experimental and a challenge to push myself beyond my comfort zone and what I have previously done. Personally, the work speaks of having the courage to step beyond your current self to pursue what is only dreamt of and what lies in the unknown realm. My hope is the work will be an encouragement to continue until that dream becomes reality, and when you finally see it lit up, it will be more beautiful and will expand beyond what you ever imagined.

For commissions or to say hello feel free to contact Kayla via: kayla.amos.art@gmail.com

Also check out Kayla’s Instagram for updates on her current work @kaylaamosartist

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