The Creston Vision

Creston fosters the development of the whole person, providing opportunities for students to participate in academic, cultural, social, spiritual and sporting activities, all within the hub of a family environment where life-long friendships are made.

Creston puts a premium on academic development, providing a supportive study environment. In addition, annual public lectures and inter-disciplinary conferences are organised to broaden the horizons of Creston residents and friends.  Some examples are the Meet your Mentors @ Creston which are informal talks with academics, the Light & Shadows Conference for professional women and the UNIV Congress for university students held annually in Rome, Italy.

Creston aims to inspire women to be leaders in their fields of study and in society, motivating them to make a positive difference in the world as mothers, teachers, businesswomen, lawyers, doctors, etc.  Several alumni have in fact gone on to start places like Creston in other countries such as New Zealand, Poland, Lebanon, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia.

Creston also organises activities to help residents and friends of the college to give back to the community. The Arc-affiliated Service Society at UNSW (ServeSoc) was an initiative of some residents to respond to this desire through visits to nearby nursing homes and service projects, both local and international.

Creston believes that forming women leaders requires an investment in supplementary formation to harness the capabilities unique to women for life nurturing, inter-personal relationships and service. Talks, seminars and individual mentoring on life skills, human virtues, philosophy and Christian living are on offer.  Residents are also strongly encouraged to take part in the college’s Home Management Apprentice Scheme (HMAS), an on-the-job training initiative aimed to equip young women with practical work-life balance skills.

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