Chancellor of UNSW, David Gonski, with Friends of Creston during the re-opening of the college after renovations, 2007

Creston College is a residential college affiliated with the University of New South Wales.  It provides accommodation to up to 25 undergraduate and postgraduate women students of all denominations and nationalities.

Creston College is also a centre for learning and leadership.  A variety of courses and activities designed to meet the needs and aspirations of women of this generation are organised for residents and non-residents alike. These projects are conducted within a framework of appreciation of past achievements and the encouragement of service, learning and research to promote a more humane world.

Creston College was founded in 1970 as a project of Foundation for Education & Training Limited (FFET), which aims to promote education and the development of character in accordance with the principles and ideals of Christianity. FFET runs several projects for the academic and personal development of Australian youth. The activities of a spiritual nature are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

A Brief History

Creston College was established from the beginning as a college for female students of all nationalities and denominations.

In 1969, the first Creston Residence opened its doors to only a handful of students in their temporary location on Prince Street, Randwick.

Operations in the current premises at 36 High Street began on August 17th, 1970, facilitating intake to a full capacity of 25 residents.

Through the years, contributing to the vibrant college environment are the numerous non-resident students who use Creston’s facilities and participate in the academic, cultural, spiritual and sporting activities organised by the College.

In the 1990s, efforts were initiated to raise funds to renovate Creston.  By 2007, the third and final phase of renovations was completed, and the College was re-opened by the present Chancellor of The University of New South Wales, David Gonski.

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