Happy female studentCreston College enjoys a long-standing record of academic excellence.   This is achieved primarily by providing a responsible atmosphere for study, learning and scholarship.  Residents are assisted to manage their time well, giving priority to their university tasks, while establishing a healthy balance with social and extra-curricular activities.


Tutorial system          

Head Academic Tutor   Dr Anne Zahra

Specific needs of students in core subjects are overseen by the Head Academic Tutor.  Several Academic Tutors are called upon by appointment on a needs basis.  Group tutorials could also be arranged with the Academic Tutors.

The Head Academic Tutor or your Resident Tutor can give individual mentoring on study skills and time management.

Study Weekends in the Blue Mountains

Every semester, the House Committee organises a trip to the Blue Mountains for an intense weekend of study away from the daily grind and familiar surroundings.

Academic Achievements

The achievement of residents at Distinction average or above in a semester are commended in Formal Dinner awards.

Lectures & Seminars

As the only residential college exclusive to women, Creston organises supplementary activities designed to meet the needs and aspirations of women.  Lectures, seminars and discussion groups provide an opportunity to study topics of interest in greater depth.

Meet your Mentors

Throughout the year, the Principal invites to the college a number of academics from UNSW and other Australian and international institutions and other notable personalities.  The main aim of these events is to expose the residents to role models, women and men who in their own way are ‘leaders’ in their endeavours.  It is also a way for them to meet women, in particular, who have managed a good work-family balance, and to explore how they got where they are now.

 These events take any of two formats:

  • Formal Dinners – held 2-3 times a semester
  • Informal discussions followed by  light refreshments

Seminars and Courses include:  Bioethics, Philosophy, Special topics in Art & Culture; Toastmasters

For Future University Students: Operation HSC (High School Certificate)

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