Home Management

dining-roomHome Management Apprentice Scheme (HMAS Creston)

Coordinator: Aimee Hoare

If you would like a head start on ‘work-life’ balance, then be ‘on board’ HMAS Creston!

For many years, Creston College Household Services has been offering casual employment to university students to work in its housekeeping and kitchen/dining room service departments. This experience has been valuable for students to appreciate that a professional approach to undertaking tasks in the home has a positive influence in their service and leadership attitudes. While being a school of acquiring good personal habits such as order, discipline, multi-tasking…work of the home is fun, rewarding and necessary!

HMAS Creston will cover practical seminars and ‘on-the-job’ training in home management. Residents will be incorporated into the paid casual housekeeping workforce for a few weeks.

Topics include but not limited to:

• Housekeeping: art & science

• Laundry

• Basic kitchen skills

• Budgeting and wise shopping

• Etiquette and hosting

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