• 2022 Easter Conference @ Creston College Thursday April 14 – Saturday April 16


Cost: $100 (bed Thurs & Fri; food Fri & Sat)

Download PROGRAM (speaker to be announced)

For the past two years, we have lived through a great wave of change forced by the global pandemic. Looking back, at times we have felt alone, vulnerable, desperate, and disoriented.

We have been hit by humanitarian, economic, social, ecological and political crises and, despite everything, we have begun to awaken what really counts.

Pope Francis reminds us that we are all, “In the same boat, all fragile and disoriented, but at the same time important and necessary, all called to row together, all in need of mutual comfort.”

Faced with these difficulties, we are learning to rebuild on the basis of solidarity and hope. Our world asks us to move forward together in a new and truly human direction. This means stopping thinking and joining forces to seek sustainable and creative solutions that promote a culture of encounter.

UNIV22 will focus on how to rebuild together on the basis of solidarity and universal brotherhood.

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