Meet your mentors @ Creston

End of 2017 Semester 2 Formal Dinner

Friday, 3 November 2017  6:00-9:00 pm

“Looking back to find a way forward” 

Guest Speaker:  Ms Gia-Yen Luong  BSc LLB(Hons)

Classroom Teacher – Rosebery Middle School, NT

Gia-Yen is a recent UNSW graduate finishing 10th of her class in Law (First Class Honours) and a Distinction in Science majoring in Neuroscience.  She is also a beloved alumna of Creston College, having lived here until here until 2015 when she finished her double degree.  Fondly known as ‘Nobie’ owing to her quest for a Nobel Prize, Gia-Yen’s quest for an ideal came midway through completing her and Law/Science degree – she is going to be a teacher.  This epiphany led her to engage with ‘Teach for Australia’ opening the pathway for her to pursue a Masters in Education simultaneous with full-time teaching in Darwin.  She describes her current career path as ‘seeking to continue using her passion, skills, and experience within the teaching profession to provide her students with every opportunity, thereby creating social change from the ground up.’





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