Lights & Shadows

L&S-LogoThe Lights & Shadows conference is an annual 1-day event with the aim to provide a forum for women to delve further into different aspects of their specific positive contributions to society, and to give support to women with similar ideals.  Recognising the pivotal role that women have, the information and support gained should help them to have an even greater impact for the good in their families, the workplace and society at large.

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Past Lights & Shadows Topics:

2013  A Fine Balance – Professional at Work, Professional at Home

2012  Charting a Fresh Course for Humanity – Women at the Helm

2010  New Directions for Global Times – Women in Corporate and Public Life

2009  Human Ecology – Foundations for a True Revolution

2008  Towards a More Human Society

2007  Understanding Diversity as a Basis for Social Harmony

2006  Lifestyle – Relationships as the Key to Work, Life and Balance

2005  Women and Professional Work

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